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Ofertas de empleo

Uno de los objetivos principales de ELE USAL es el fomento del empleo. Buscamos crear oportunidades de trabajo para los egresados de la Universidad de Salamanca (los profesionales del mundo del ELE), bien como profesores de ELE, o bien como jefes de estudios en una escuela de enseñanza del español. De esta forma, ELE USAL facilita a los inversores la oportunidad de encontrar los profesionales mejor preparados para sus escuelas. Esta página contiene las ofertas de empleo de todas las Escuelas de Enseñanza del Español de la Universidad de Salamanca. Si cumples con los requisitos exigidos y alguna te resulta interesante, envía tu CV desde aquí mismo.



We are currently recruiting candidates PhD for University of Waseda. Please, send your CV to  The deadline for application for this position is June 15, 2017.

Work responsibilities (Place of Work: In principie at Waseda University Campus.)

Chief subjects to be taught:

In English: Introductory Class in the area and the specialty
(e.g. Intemational Relations: a Spanísh or Latin American perspective) Advanced Class in the specialty ( e.g. Selected topics in Intematíonal Relations)
Both in English and in Spanish: Intermediate CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Leaming) class to prepare students to study the specialty both in English and in Spanish (study-abroad preparation) (e.g. Academic IR Reading in English & Spanish: selected topics)
In Spanish: Intermediate Class for academic writing and reading in the specialty (study-abroad preparation) (e.g. Escritura y lectura académicas para los estudios de Relaciones Internacionales)
Advanced Class in the specialty (study-abroad follow-up) (e.g. Las relaciones internacionales en el mundo hispano y Japón)

(2)         Consultation for students who wish to study abroad in Spanish speakíng countries.

(3)         Creatíon and management of a joint study group between regular and exchange students (in English and Spanish)

Number of faculty to be hired: 1 PhD
Status: Assistant Professor (without tenure)


(1)         Duty Hours: In principle, 8 hours or less a <lay, 4 days or more a week. (total of 40 hours or less a week)

(2)         Salary, Benefits, Commutation Expenses: provided in accordance with university regulations
Annual salary and monthly payment (model wage):
(Age: 30)
Annual salary (before taxes) 4,915,920 yen (for AY 2017)
Monthly payment (before taxes) 409,660 yen (for AY2017) ,, ·

(3)         Retirement Payment:
None (a farewell benefit will be provided in accordance with university regulations)

(4)         Holidays: Sundays, New Year Holídays, National Holídays, and University Anniversary (excluding days specified by the university on whích classes are held)

(5)         Vacations: vacations determined in acts such as Labor Standard Acts and vacations determined by the university (e.g. summer and winter vacations, office shut-down periods)

(6)         Social Insurance: The employee shall be enrolled in the Employee's Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Workmen's Compensatíon Insurance, and Employment Insurance.

In principle, September 1, 2017-August 31, 2019. During the term of employment it is not allowed to hold other full-time positions concurrently. University may re-employ (after updating the contract with) him or her for one year subsequent to the end of the current contract. The application for re-employment wíll be considered based on the applícant's academic and educational accomplishments and other relevant aspects during the fixed term.
Waseda University
Tokyo, Japan
17 abril, 2017
Bolsa de Trabajo ELE USAL Universidad de Salamanca