Intensive spanish courses




Intensive spanish courses

Intensive courses, also known as reduced-time courses or accelerated courses, are courses that require maximum learning progress in a minimum amount of time.

What is the deadline to complete an intensive course?

Intensive course lessons require several hours of learning per class session instead of a couple of hours in the classroom one to three times a week.

A typical semester lasts 16 weeks and the intensive courses generally last from three to six weeks but there are no less than 10 hours of Spanish lessons per week.

Intensive courses are ideal for:

  • Students with inflexible work schedules, family responsibilities, and other commitments.
  • Those who want to obtain level certification as soon as possible.
  • Those who wish to take a special subject course.
  • Those who want to remember the language.
  • Foreigners who want to learn the language as quickly as possible.
  • Determined students who love to learn languages.

Why are the intensive courses at ELE USAL schools so successful?

1º  The franchise system of the Spanish Language Schools at the University of Salamanca has its own methodology and teaching manuals created by the Department of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Salamanca. The ELE USAL Schools have a personalized Management Information System, developed by USAL.

2º  Native teachers, highly qualified with the aim of teaching Spanish in an effective and fun way.

3º  Unique experience of living in Spain. Our intensive Spanish courses are intended for you to learn in the shortest possible time and also enjoy your free time in the country discovering the wonders of a unique destination.

You can take intensive group courses and also access the cultural pack offered by each Spanish school, so you will also get to know the Spanish culture*


The ELE USAL MALLORCA school is located in Palma where we highlight the magnificent climate of the city, its huge and beautiful beaches, without forgetting its historical and cultural relevance. It is a school with more than 7 years of dedication to teaching Spanish. They have a great team of native teachers. To see their intensive Spanish courses, go to their website.

The ELE USAL BILBAO school is located in Bilbao, a city in northern Spain that stands out for its architectural beauty, museums and gastronomy. Its opening is recent but the interest of foreign students in the school has not stopped growing. ELE USAL Bilbao offers you intensive Spanish courses, for more information go to their website.

The ELE USAL STRASBOURG school is one of our international schools that opened its doors in 2014. ELE USAL STRASBOURG teaches Spanish with the highest quality and experience. You can find out about their courses by going to their website.

The ELE USAL ESTEPONA school is located in the south of Spain in a small but very touristic city called Estepona and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, we highlight the Andalusian climate, architecture and gastronomy. You will be able to enjoy your intensive Spanish courses in one of the most charming cities. For more information go to their website.

The ELE USAL GRAN CANARIA school, located on the island of Gran Canaria, stands out as a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and the beach. Many of the students take advantage of the stay to learn Spanish while surfing. Enter the web to see their intensive courses.

The ELE USAL ALICANTE school is located in one of the most beautiful and touristic cities of the Valencian community. For more information go to the website of ELE USAL Alicante


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