The Spanish in the world




At ELE USAL, we are firmly committed to teaching Spanish, disseminating the opportunities that this language offers. In addition, our mission as an organization, which has thirteen Spanish schools in six different countries, is to reach out and encourage everyone to learn a wonderful language and culture.

We want to disseminate the report "Spanish in the world" from the Instituto Cervantes Yearbook 2022, which has confirmed the position of Spanish as one of the most important and widespread languages in the world, both due to the number of speakers and its relevance in cultural fields. , economic and social.

Currently, Spanish is spoken by 585 million people around the world, which represents 7.7% of the world population. In addition, Spanish is the second most widely spoken mother tongue in the world, with more than 484 million speakers, after Mandarin Chinese.

One of the highlights of the report is the growth of Spanish in the digital sphere. According to the Instituto Cervantes Yearbook, Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet, with more than 350 million users, after English and Mandarin Chinese. This demonstrates the growing importance of Spanish in the digital age and its ability to reach global audiences through technology.

There is a great reflection in this report on how artificial intelligence can affect the teaching of Spanish, as it has undoubtedly been a great revolution "Teaching Spanish to machines and having them help us teach it is the most important linguistic and cultural challenge of the XXI century

Without a doubt, it can be a great opportunity to transmit a language like Spanish and not only that, but also a culture more easily, with artificial intelligence.

Regarding the teaching of Spanish, the report indicates that more than 22 million students are learning Spanish worldwide. Spanish is the second most studied language after English, and it is the second most studied foreign language in Europe after English. In addition, the importance of Spanish as a business language is highlighted, since it is the second most used language in the business world, it must be remembered that it is the official language in 21 countries.

In conclusion, the report "Spanish in the world" of the Instituto Cervantes Yearbook 2022 confirms the importance and growing prestige of Spanish as a global language

The expansion of Spanish in areas such as education, business and technology, together with its solid presence in world culture, reflects its relevance and its projection for the future in an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world