ELE USAL franchise meeting

During the last week of June, the annual ELE USAL Franchise meeting was held. Since its inauguration in 2013, many years have passed and these meetings were interrupted due to a pandemic that we all know well. However, this year, at the ELE USAL headquarters, we have decided to resume this good tradition and celebrate this meeting in an appropriate manner.

Directors, heads of study and teachers from schools in Turin, Mallorca, Lisbon, Chengdu, Beijing, Bilbao and Gran Canaria met to share ideas and join efforts in order to offer the best quality of Spanish teaching to students from all over the world. world, always backed by the prestigious institution of the University of Salamanca.

During these days, various topics were discussed, such as the presentation of problems, the search for solutions, the exchange of projects and ideas, the knowledge of the objectives of other schools and the establishment of links between them. In addition, it was an excellent opportunity for the most recent schools, such as Bilbao and Beijing, to have the pleasure of getting to know each other. There was also talk about possible new franchises, but we reserve that information for future publications.

As part of the organized activities, attendees had the opportunity to attend the seventh edition of the Castilla y León International Congress of Spanish, which took place very close to the ELE USAL headquarters. There they were able to broaden their knowledge, establish contacts and assess the market situation in other countries, all related, of course, to the teaching of Spanish in the classroom.

In addition, we are proud to highlight the participation of Monica Bedana, director of ELE USAL Torino, as a speaker at the Congress, who captivated all attendees with her participation called "The translation competence of ELE teachers, 'hypercompetence' of the 21st century. Results and reflections of a communicative training experience”.

At ELE USAL we feel extremely proud of each of our schools, since together we form a great family that we hope will continue to grow in the near future. On the latter, we will soon be providing you with more information.


reunión de Franquicias ELE USAL 2023

Rubén Ramírez director de ELE USAL

Directores de las Escuelas ELE USAL