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What does ELE USAL offer?

An official initiative of the University of Salamanca and USAL International Courses.
A highly prestigious brand, recognized in the Spanish language teaching market.
A tested and profitable method, endorsed by USAL International Courses.
A job pool where the investor can find the best graduates to join their business, as directors of studies or teachers.
Teaching materials developed by the Department of Language and Literature of the University Salamanca (ELElab USAL).
ELE USAL Schools will also be Authorized SIELE Centres of the University of Salamanca.
A computerized management system custom made for ELE USAL Schools.
Geographical sole rights within an urban area and the possibility of becoming a master franchise for larger areas
Training courses to guarantee homogeneity in the method and to facilitate setting up a school.
Support for the opening of the school and continuous follow-up.
Help in seeking financing for new entrepreneurs.
Complementary digital support applications for teaching.
The enthusiasm and commitment of the ELEUSAL team to innovate, improve, and seek the highest degree of quality for our schools and satisfaction for their students.

Spanish in numbers

Spanish around the world

In today’s world, more than 496 million people speak Spanish, that is, 6.3% of the world’s population are native Spanish speakers (according to data from the Instituto Cervantes in 2022). Projections indicate that the number of potential users of Spanish will continue to increase in absolute terms until 2068, when it will exceed 726 million people. In 2060, the United States will be the country with the second most Spanish-speaking countries in the world, after Mexico.

Spanish on the Internet

Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet, 7.9% of users communicate in this language, only behind English and Chinese. Spanish is already the second most used language on these platforms: Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Spanish in education

The demand for studies on the Spanish language and culture also continues to grow. Spanish competes with French and Mandarin Chinese for second place in the classification of languages ​​most studied as a second language. Currently, almost 24 million students study Spanish as a foreign language (according to estimates by the Instituto Cervantes). The interest in learning Spanish is especially intense in the two main English-speaking countries: the United States and the United Kingdom, which, together with Brazil and France, stand out especially for the study of Spanish as a foreign language.

How to open an ELE USAL School

Starting a franchise under the banner of Spanish Language Schools University of Salamanca has some minimum requirements that must be fulfilled:
Initial fee
Publicity fee
1% of sales
8% of sales
Contract duration
5 years
Contract renewal
Zones of sole rights
Minimun size of the school
Preferred location of the school
Hightly visible areas, if possible in representative buildings
To guarantee the quality of the system, it is essential that the Director of Studies should have a postgraduate degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreing Language or proven experience in teaching Spanish.