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In this course the student will acquire professional linguistic competences for situations related to the field of business. It is intended to establish and consolidate the linguistic, pragmatic and sociocultural resources related to this professional field. They will be assimilated through a communicative methodology in which the four skills are worked on (listening comprehension, reading, writing, and oral expression and interaction.

This course is aimed at people working in the business sector in their respective countries of origin or in Spanish-speaking countries, who need, or will need, to communicate in Spanish in their work environment. It is also intended for students who are interested in this academic and professional field.

The course is intended to provide the necessary linguistic tools to take advantage of all the opportunities that arise in the world of work, business and the enterprises. Students must certify at least a level B1 to be eligible for the course. Our courses will be taught for levels B and C of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Evaluation.

The course is oriented towards fast and effective learning of professional language competences in Spanish.

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