Why studing spanish is a good idea?


Many of us, including myself, have a hobby or habit or call it X every time a new year begins, setting resolutions that we must fulfill yes or yes in the next 365 days. And I'm not just referring to January 1, but, and this is aimed at students, when we begin to think about a new course. Surely there are not a few of us who have set out to learn a new language or improve the level, but, as always in these cases, we do not have much time to spare and other times you do not see it as necessary to dedicate a part of your day to day. . I wish my parents had taken me to schools as a child to learn a thousand more languages, but I think this already entered my forties.

Anyway, I don't want to get entangled, what I want with this article is to answer two questions that you may be asking yourself once you have decided to study another language as one of your new purposes.

                                                                                              Why studing spanish is a good idea?

In recent years, Spanish has become one of the most powerful languages ​​in the world, and I'm not saying it, all the data that I present below appears in the latest report "Spanish: A Living Language" that is produced every year the Cervantes Institute. If we review some of the most important points, we realize the great prominence that Spanish is achieving throughout the world. Today more than 591 million people speak Spanish, either as a native, second or foreign language. It is the second language in the world of native speakers, about 493 million, and the second language of international communication.

If this does not seem enough to you, I continue, Spanish competes with French and Mandarin Chinese for the second most studied language as a second language or, as for example in the United States, it is by far the most studied language at all levels. teaching. In addition, and I am finishing, it is the fourth most powerful language in the world in economic terms, after English, French and Chinese, there is nothing.

“El español es la segunda lengua más utilizada en plataformas digitales como YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Instagram, etc., solo por detrás del inglés y normalmente a gran distancia del portugués y del francés.”

Assessing these few data, there are many other very positive with respect to Spanish but for that I encourage you to read the full report, you realize that this language has more and more relevance within our personal and especially work environment. Here you can draw your own conclusions, but surely you will reach the same destination. Spanish is currently a necessary language in the world. And I am not only referring to studying the Spanish that we teach in Spain, but also the one that our beloved Latin America teaches us.

I don't think you need much more information to understand why studying Spanish is a good investment for your future. Answering the second question means doing it differently. Our schools have something that you may have heard many times, but I do not want to deceive you, in this case it is true, they transmit familiarity when you enter them. A feature that is not found in many places and for which I want to highlight ELE USAL, abbreviation for Schools of the Spanish Language of the University of Salamanca, in case it had not been clear. Of course, there are many characteristics inherent to the Salamanca institution itself that we could highlight, such as having a methodology developed by the USAL Spanish Language Department, which combines extensive experience from 800 years of history with the most modern and advanced teaching tools. . We already know this, the University of Salamanca needs no introduction.

I want to stress the trait that differentiates us from other schools, familiarity. Wherever we go, we like to feel at ease, comfortable, confident, because in order to feel bad, life itself makes us mischief. That much-requested warmth that makes us feel good - is what you find once you cross the doors of one of our Spanish Language schools, and that, without a doubt, makes a place as important or more, as it is also, your experience or methodology. In summary, quality, trust and experience are the bases that we have been implementing since this ELE USAL journey began. I leave it there.

I like to get to the point, at least I try, and I'm done, but I think I've given you a few reasons why you choose to learn Spanish and where to do it. Of course, - we walk the road in our own way, although that is not always the case, I have simply tried to open a door for you that perhaps you did not take into consideration