Summer group program




If you are a teacher and you are thinking of organizing a study trip to Spain with your students, don't hesitate to contact us without obligation at or fill out the form.

We will send you a budget that best suits the characteristics and needs of your students in less than 48 hours.

Why choose us for a group trip?

  1. -We adapt prices according to the number of students.
  2. Safe places for your students and supervision of your students.
  3. Your students will enjoy a new culture. Qualified team endorsed by the University of Salamanca.
  4. Total immersion in the language: extracurricular activities in Spanish (recreational, sports, and cultural) and accommodation with Spanish families or residence.
  5. Classes for all levels and ages.
  6. Class materials designed for groups.


Group Spanish classes are more enjoyable and varied.

Having several classmates allows for pair work, dynamics, grammar games, etc. Other students can ask questions that you hadn't thought of, which are helpful for your Spanish learning. Also, if you are afraid of speaking Spanish in public because you think you might make mistakes or do it wrong, having classmates with a similar level makes it more bearable, and you will lose that fear. Group Spanish classes are more affordable than private lessons, which is also important.


Our schools organize group classes for extensive or intensive courses and on-demand (groups of foreign school students/study trips). Groups for extensive courses are usually formed in September and October and also in January and February. These courses are designed for the school year and are divided into semesters. It is ideal to start in September and finish your Spanish course in May or June, although you can choose to do a semester. Groups for intensive courses are usually formed during Easter, in summer, and at the beginning of the school year or upon request (foreign schools want a group of students to study in Spain to improve their skills).


Don't hesitate any longer and contact ELE USAL to book your group accommodation. We guarantee personalized and professional attention and help you plan the trip with your students. Reserve now and live a unique adventure with your students!