Pura Vida! Intensive Language Program

ELE USAL – Costa Rica


This program is designed for adults who want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica intensively. The Pura Vida! language program includes 90 contact hours per month of Spanish language and elective courses in which grammar, vocabulary, written and oral expression are studied; additionally, all the courses contain a high cultural component. Apprentice, intermediate and advanced levels are offered, same as accommodation with families or in students' residences.

The student can study the following courses:

·         Spanish Language

·         Vocabulary Expansion

·         Communication Activities

·         Conversation and Composition

·         Latin America Culture

·         Spanish and Hispanic Cinema

·         Spanish and Hispanic Literature

 *If students register more than four weeks, they receive 20% discount off the total price of the course.

More information about schedules and costs at info@costarica-eleusal.com or at (+506) 2240-0400 ext. 2108.

  Morning-afternoon and evening sessions
From 6/01/2018 to 6/01/2025
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(+506) 2240-0400 ext. 2108